From our families:

To say that losing our daughter, Kennedy James, was the most difficult thing that ever happened to us is a cliche understatement.  After 41 weeks, we weren't prepared for the reality that even in the 21st century, full-term pregnancies don't always end with a mobile playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" over the head of your newborn.

Grief was a 100 pound boulder that made it exhausting to get out of bed, a blindfold covering our eyes as we reached out for a path in front of us.  We felt lost, not knowing what to do and how to feel.  And nothing either of us did could make it better.

Aching Arms didn’t make losing Kennedy better, but it let us know that there were other people who understood.

 The couples there had been through, and still go through, the same feelings.  Most importantly for us, they let us know that everything we felt - the sadness and the anger; the guild and the blame - was okay.

-Kennedy's Father

Since A.J.'s passing, I have attended the Aching Arms Support Group.  

A wonderful network of mothers and fathers whose heartaches are heard and whose shoes each of us have walked in.

The monthly meetings have been inspiring and comforting to the point that you do not feel you are alone.  It is hopeful to see how other people have made it through the worst tragedies of our lives.

-A.J.'s Mom